About Victory

Victory Group's Labs in AsiaVictory Group primarily focuses on Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) which generally refers to alternative procedures to achieve pregnancy. It was established in Hong Kong as Victory A.R.T. Ltd in 1998 and had since, provided good IVF outcomes.

Victory Group’s success in Hong Kong paved way to its expansion in Manila, Philippines in 2003. The concept was fairly new and was quite controversial but through the leadership of , Medical Director of Victory A.R.T. Laboratory Phil., Inc, demand has increased and many trying couples have been helped and are now parents.

The success doesn’t end there. In 2004, Victory Group extended its wing to Malaysia, continuously upgrading and using the most updated state-of-the-art IVF technology, realizing parental dreams for more people.

Discover the people you can trust regarding IVF at Victory.