• How Cancer Treatments Can Affect a Woman’s Fertility

  • As in any medical condition, it is always best to get your information from a doctor. Fertility and cancer are conditions that have many unknowns. Plus, women are provided less information about fertility than men, so it is one’s responsibility …
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  • Women’s Wonder Food: Soy

  • According to doctors, women trying to lose weight will need to consume about 100 grams of protein a day. This is to fight against any hunger pains and build muscles, while losing weight at the same time. Low protein diets …
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  • Lose Weight during your Favorite TV Shows

  • Weight loss can often be a challenging task that demands much time and resources from a person. But there are actually ways that you can do this without having to sign up for a gym membership, or buying different diet …
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  • How to Lose Weight After Pregnancy

  • Now that baby is here, there are probably more things that you will be thinking about: the baby’s food, your sleeping schedule and maybe even how to lose the extra pounds that you have gained during pregnancy. Generally, for women …
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  • 7 Bad Eating Habits

  • Food is one of the most basic needs of every human. Whether vegetarian, carnivorous, or both, eating is an essential part of daily life. But because of the fast development of society through technology, this necessity has become taken for …
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  • 4 Weight Loss Secrets You Won’t Find in Diet Books

  • With the overwhelming choices of weight-loss techniques, plans and fad diets, it has become difficult to determine which among them actually works best for people. There are some that are too restrictive, others are too extreme and those that don’t …
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  • Do’s and Don’ts After a Miscarriage

  • A miscarriage is the spontaneous loss of a pregnancy during the first 20-23 weeks. The most telling symptom is vaginal bleeding, which may also be accompanied by cramps and a period like pain. About 15% of pregnancies experience miscarriages. They …
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  • The Laptop and its Effect on Male Fertility

  • Infertility is the inability to become pregnant after trying for one year. This can be caused by the woman, the man or a combination of both. With men, there are many possible causes of infertility like hormonal imbalances, physical problems, …
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  • The Benefits of Drinking Milk and other Lifestyle Tips during Pregnancy

  • Prenatal care is the health care a woman receives during pregnancy. This involves checkups with a physician and regular prenatal testing to make sure that the pregnancy is going well. A doctor may prescribe multivitamins to prepare and strengthen the …
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  • The kinds of Stress Affecting Infertility

  • Infertility is a problem encountered by many men and women around the world, with varied causes that affect either male or female. One of the possible factors that may contribute to infertility is stress. Coming in different forms, stress can …
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  • How to Reduce the Risks of Miscarriage

  • It is rarely the couple’s fault if a miscarriage happens. About 15% of pregnancies suffer miscarriage and the causes cannot be ascertained. There are 3 main factors to watch that can contribute to the risk of a miscarriage: lifestyle, diet, …
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  • How Diabetes can Affect Infertility

  • Infertility is the inability to become pregnant after trying for 12 months. It is a common problem that can involve the male, female or both. Around one third of cases are caused by females and another one third caused by …
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