Why Victory

Victory Group of Laboratories traces its roots in Central Hongkong established in 1998. Victory Central HK is a leading IVF facility in Asia with over 1200 cycles a year.

A few years later, Victory Group expanded to its 2nd branch in Makati, Philippines. Trending as one of the pioneer laboratories in the country with over 250 IVF cycles, Victory Philippines offers a decade of solid and innovative ART (Assisted Reproductive Technologies) and genuine patient service.

Following the demand for IVF centers, we opened another branch in Victory JB Malaysia. Growing number of patients go to our Malaysia branch for egg and sperm donation programs. Our very recent addition to the family is Victory Kowloon in Hong Kong.

Victory Staff with Dr Pastorfide

Our Mission

Victory is committed to provide state-of-the-art fertility treatment in an empathic and caring environment. Our goal is one with our patients, from conception, to the delivery of a healthy baby.

Our Team

Our staff includes highly trained and dedicated reproductive specialists, embryologists,fertility nurses who understands the challenges that each patient undergoes.

Our Technology

The laboratory plays a critical role in the success of infertility treatment. We, at Victory implements a gold-laboratory standard. Investing in technologies necessary to maintain a clean room environment, and strict sterile practices from garment to equipments used for culture.

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Confidentiality and Ethics

Fertility treatment is highly sensitive and complex, thus, we value our patient’s right to privacy. All records involving patient’s case is stored in our database and handked in a strict confidential manner. We respect the moral and ethical beliefs of our patients thus, we treat each egg, sperm, and embryos according to consent.