Choosing to work with Victory Art Lab was so far our best decision ever made!!

From: name withheld, sent from San Francisco, CA

Finding a reputable fertility clinic is not like a walk in the park, especially when you try to do that in the Philippines.

We live in California where we found the best Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE) and a clinic that’s truly awesome in terms of services and facilities. We thought our dream of having a child is all within reach, but things do not go by as planned sometimes.

After several failed attempts of getting pregnant via artificial insemination, our RE then recommended IVF. The actual IVF procedure was performed here in San Francisco, CA. As life turns from bad to worse, our fresh cycle transfer failed. After carefully studying the logistics of doing another transfer, we opted to do it in the Philippines.

Then came Victory Art, Rowena (our embryologist) and Dr. Ancheta (our fertility specialist). The first encounter was through an email I sent asking about almost everything we need to know about doing a cycle. You can understand how anxious we were because this did not involve a simple frozen embryo transfer; this meant shipment of our remaining frozen embryos from San Francisco, CA to Makati, Philippines! Rowena was reassuring and comforting in her email.

The staff replied back with all the information we needed, answering all my questions as specific as they can. Before I had to physically ship our frozen embryos, the chief embryologist was in constant communication with our local embryologist in SF via email, ensuring safe transport of our precious embryos.

When they finally arrived in Victory Art’s office in Makati, Rowena made contact with me via email and took pictures of our “package”; described how things will be handled, and reassured us that everything is going to be all right. The staff was professional and the facility is comparable to world-class standards.

Several months later, we went back to the office to show our two little angels… made possible by the concerted efforts of Victory Art, Dr. Ancheta, our local clinic and our local RE.

Finding a fertility clinic is easy… Choosing the right one is not. Choosing to work with Victory Art Lab was so far our best decision ever made!!