It’s been a year now since that journey and we had our healthy baby boy. We’re forever grateful for the blessing that God has given us.

~ this testimonial is sent by the patient from the United states.
They named their baby, Bliss. ~

Growing up in a traditional Filipino family I thought having my own family someday is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Finish school and find a fulfilling and well-paid job.
  2. Find a good & responsible guy that will eventually be my husband and get married.
  3. And of course last but not the least talking about the birds and the bees.

Fortunately and thank God I had a smooth sailing step 1 and step 2. I met my husband when we were at the peek of our career. We were both YUPPIES enjoying everything life has to offer from good career opportunities to happy love life. We got married when we were 32 and we took our time in building our happy family.

But 2 years had passed and were still waiting for our bundle of joy. Our families and friends are a bit worried since were both turning 35 and I might have a hard time getting pregnant because of my age. So we sought medical help from Dr. Greg Pastorfide. Of course, before consulting him I did a lot of research about getting pregnant through Artificial insemination and IVF.

Dr. Pastorfide explained all the probable cause why can’t we have a baby. We had several tests done I had my blood drawn at the second day of my period. I had ultrasound to check my reproductive system and hubby had semen analysis. All our tests came out normal so its unexplained why can’t we have a baby. We had four (4) failed artificial insemination.

I thought that was the end. But finally, we decided to do IVF. It’s not an easy way to have a baby because of my fear of the unknown. But I’m really glad that Dr. Pastorfide was like a father to us he answers our questions and remove our doubts. He’s even the one who injects my medications. And after 12 days of waiting I had my egg retrieval.

According to Dr. Pastorfide they harvested 12 eggs and injected 10. From the 10 I had 9 good embryos. I had 3 embryos transferred at Day 3 and 6 frozen. After 2 weeks of waiting I had my B-hcg blood test. Hubby and me waited about an hour at Victory Art for the result. It was one of the happiest days of our life. My B-Hcg value was 730.11.When the staff of Victory art told me that I was pregnant I cant help but cry and they were so happy for us.

Its an over whelming feeling that we have people with us at that time to share our joy. I really thank them for taking care of our embryos and us. They really have the heart to help couples build their families.

It’s been a year now since that journey and we had our healthy baby boy. We’re forever grateful for the blessing that God has given us.

Thank You to Dr. Pastorfide and his medical team. Doc you are best. Thank You so much.

To the Victory ART staff and embryologists thank you so much for helping us.

To all the couples out there that still wish for their bundle of joy, don’t give up. These are the people who can help you and they really do their job seriously. It’s not easy but it’s really worth it. Its bliss , it’s the joy of having a child and being mother.