Our Laboratory

Victory makes sure that our patients receive the utmost care and attention they need.

Reception and Lounge
Facade of Victory A.R.T. Laboratory Phil. Inc.

Semen Collection Room
This is a special room that provides male patients with comfort and privacy to produce his sample. It is equipped with a television set and DVD player.

Waiting Lounge
The spouse and relatives can wait in comfort while the patient is undergoing the procedure.

Consultation Room
Pre- and Post- treatment counseling in this room.

Hormonal Assay Room
A Hormonay Assay machine provides hormonal blood test to closely monitor the patient’s treatment cycle.

Changing Room
Lockers are provided for patients to safely keep their personal belongings.

Recovery Room
It has two beds with a stretcher for easy transfer of the patient after the procedure. A TV monitor linked to the operating room enables the husband to view the egg being collected inside the operating Theatre.

Operating Room
Equipped with an ultra-sound anesthesia machine, an aspiration suction pump and heating block for egg collection.

IVF Culture Lab
Equipped with advanced ICSI Manipulator – used for injecting a sperm to an egg.

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