Ovulation Calculator

This ovulation calculator will create a calendar plotting your expected ovulation schedule for the next three months. This calendar is based on the average length of your menstrual cycle and the start date of your last period.

When you use this calendar, red will represent the first day of your menstruation, green represents a period of high fertility and blue indicates that you can take a pregnancy test if your period has not yet started.

Female reproductive cycles are complex and varied, which means that the dates plotted on our calendar represent an educated guess rather than hard facts. Dates provided should be very close if not exact, but they obviously should not be relied upon as your only source for making important decisions.

If you need to know with 100% accuracy when you are ovulating, we recommend a physical ovulation test kit that can be purchased online or from your local pharmacy.

First day of your last menstrual cycle
Normal length of your menstrual cycle